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You can download simple spreadsheet calculation templates here which you are free to use as you wish. Although every care has been taken in their preparation, please note that DLL Engineering Limited can accept no responsibility for their use. Please contact us for more information or to tailor the calculations to your specific needs.


Perform your own calculations with our simple downloadable spreadsheet tools.

Oil Field NPV Estimator
A simple oil field project evaluation tool. Many economic models employ a level of complexity not justified by the large uncertainty in the input data. At DLL Engineering we think it is better to use simple models that allow you to quickly and easily see the effects of varying the inputs across the uncertainty ranges. Use this simple oil field economic model to calculate field life and NPV for different assumptions on reserves, field decline, oil price, Capex, Opex, Abex and taxation. Please contact us if you need a bespoke model for your particular needs. This can also be easily adapted for other industries.
Oilfield NPV Estimator.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [34.9 KB]
Example Fault Trees
Fault tree template for Safety and Reliability analysis. Fault trees are a powerful tool for understanding system reliability and can be used quantified or unquantified. This template includes two simple fault trees; one for production reliability analysis and one for safety analysis. Example quantification and gate calculations are included. You can use the templates to adapt the trees to your own needs or contact DLL Engineering for bespoke fault trees tailored to your requirements, including detailed analysis of complex systems.
Example fault trees.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [111.2 KB]
Reliability Calculations
Basic Reliability Engineering calculations. Use this spreadsheet to perform various Reliability Engineering calculations using your own data. Calculate failure rate and MTBF, including confidence limits, using your own failure history. Calculate Availability and Reliability. Calculate probability of multiple failures. Perform simple hypothesis testing to determine whether failure rate has changed. Adapt the calculations to your own needs or contact DLL Engineering for further support.
Reliability Calculations.xlsx
Microsoft Excel sheet [38.8 KB]

More downloads coming soon.

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EU ETS Support

Commencing November 2016, DLL Engineering is supporting a UK Onshore & Offshore Operator with EU ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) management activities.

Conwy First Oil

EOG Resources UK's Conwy field in Liverpool Bay achieved first oil production in March 2016, with start-up support provided by DLL Engineering Limited.

The Conwy-Liverpool Bay Production Allocation system, implementation of which was project-managed by DLL Engineering, is up and running and working well.

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